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Som Tum Thai Food Dish


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We are open for Lunch 5 days Wednesday - Sunday start from 11.30am to 2.30 and for Dinner 7 nights Monday - Sunday start from 5pm to 10pm and for Takeaway delivery and pick up or contactless pickup till further notice


In Thai, Na Na means “variety” and that’s what you’ll be offered when you dine with us.

We’re committed to offering an exotic variety of delicious Thai cuisine to suit every taste, at the best price possible. Na Na Thai Restaurant encapsulates the many moods of Thailand. Rich, elegant, fragrant, friendly and mystical, we strive to provide a most satisfying dining experience, each and every time you visit.

We want you to have the best Thai food experience we can give, and are delighted to offer you a fantastic range of Thai cuisine in the pages that follow…This site lists all of the delicious Thai food our menu has to offer. 

Choose your favorite dish, or try something new from our selection of entrees, the golden wok, thai curries, Na Na specials, noodles and rice, vegetarian menu, and thai salads

Sawadee, and Enjoy your meal!

Learn Thai with Na Na Thai 

  • Hello = Sawatdii
  • How are you? = Sabaaidii mai?
  • I’m fine = Sabaaidii
  • I’m not well = Mai sabaii
  • I come from (America) = Pom/Chan maa jaak (ameerigaa)
  • What country are you from? = Kun maa jaak bprateet arai?
  • Thank you = Khop kun
  • Sorry = Khot hort
  • No problem = Mai bpenrai
  • Goodbye = Bai
  • Can you speak English? = Kun pood paasaa anggrit dai mai
  • What is your name? = Kun chuu arai?
  • My name is __ = Pŏm / Chán chuu __.


Do use “ka” and “krab” – If you are a woman, it is appropriate to end sentences or greetings with “ka.” For example, “sawasdee” is hello in Thai…as a woman, you would say “sawasdee ka.” If you are a man, your sentences should end with “krab,” so “sawasdee krab” is a proper hello

Have Fun!!! 














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